Hello and welcome to 4 Goodness Bake! where we mix, whip, knead, bake, fill, frost, pipe, ice, sprinkle, sample, and share with friends all things delicious... :)

My name is Nadia. I have many passions in life: my family, flower arranging, gardening, photography, baking... I do a little bit (or more, at times) of each and like to share the joy of it all with others. The satisfaction- and pride :)- of raising awesome children, growing a beautiful garden, designing a breathtaking arrangement, capturing a magnificent image on camera, baking a mouthwatering dessert- it is all the more sweeter when I share it with my friends and family, with all of you...

I consider myself truly blessed with my wonderful family:

beautiful flowers:

and delicious cakes:

This blog is dedicated to my sweet passion: baking. :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

I would love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment under any of my recipes or e-mail me at: 4goodnessbake@gmail.com

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