Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anna's talent show cupcakes

This week, Anna had a talent show at church, with the Girl Missionettes. She chose to do artwork and baking. For her baking project she decided to make pink vanilla cupcakes with strawberry "magical" cream cheese frosting. She worked so hard on them! She chose to make my original vanilla cupcake recipe with some pink food gel coloring and our new favorite "magical" frosting with 1/2 tsp of strawberry extract and pink food gel coloring added. We also substituted one of the sticks of butter with 8oz of cream cheese at room temperature in the frosting- it turned out delicious. And the cupcakes looked so pretty too! She insisted on doing all the mixing, baking and piping herself! (Mommy only supervised and held her hand while piping a few times. :)) She is only 8 years old and already so independent and a pastry chef in her own right! :) I am very proud of her!

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